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The Republic of Dubrovnik completed its territory in the 15th century by acquiring Konavle, the south-eastern area of Dubrovnik. As a geopolitical, strategic and economically important area, Konavle borders on hillsides of Snježnica mountain (1234m) towards Herzegovina, while its seaside, with Konavle cliffs, spreads from the port of Cavtat to Molunat and peninsula of Prevlaka.

With its exposure to influences of the open part of the Adriatic sea, relatively low relief, mountain range of Snježnica in the hinterland and its natural vegetation Konavle has a Mediterranean type of climate. Autumn is warm and with more rain than spring, winter is mild while summer is hot and dry.

The rivers of Konavle are Ljuta, which springs from a rich karst source, while rapid streams of Konavočica river and Kopačica river sink underground.

Water and land, the basic elements of life, can be traced in Konavel name itself, which is a water-bearing region. The name Konali stands for the channel from Vodovađe to Cavtat and the channel serving for watering the field of Konavle (which is an ager - a Roman type of parcelling) and the cultivable and fertile hinterland of Cavtat.

The eco-tourism includes an excellent offer of renovated country households. Beside folklore events in Ćilipi, the excursion tourism offers new destinations: Pridvorje - the Franciscan monastery and the Prince’s palace; organized walking and hiking tours to Kuna Konavoska and to Snježnica and a visit to Eskulap’s cave; biking & vine tasting tours in Konavle field; rock climbing the cliffs of Gornja Banda; the hills of Konavle with the pilgrimage to the Cross on the hill called Stražišće, the place where the American airplane fell in 1996 and Vojski Do, where defenders of Konavle were killed in the Croatian war for independence in 1991 and where we honour our Country.

We also recommend a visit to the peninsula of Prevlaka with a monumental fortress as symbol of protection and a message of piece.

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