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The spring of Cetina River is located in the village called Cetina, 7 km from Vrlika, near the St. Savior's church, that was built by the Croats 1000 years ago in pre-romanesque style and whose church-tower is the oldest in Croatia.

The water comes to the spring from the fields of Livno, Tomislavgrad and even Kupres and Glamoč. The upper basin of Cetina surrounded by two parallel mountain ranges is called Cetinska Krajina, the region that is rich in fertile soil, woods and pasture lands, which was favourable for rise of settelments.

Cetinska Krajina, as an administrative and political unit, was formed already in the 10th century. Hill-forts on elevated locations testify the presence of the Illyrians, mentioned in Roman documents since they did not have their own scripts. The Romans founded several settlements in this area too, which were connected with roads. After six centuries of the Roman Empire, the area of the Cetina River was invaded by the Avars and the Slavs, while the Croats have become and remained the major ethnic group in the region till today. The Turks breached in the 16th century and stayed for 150 years. The story about a miraculous defence of the former Roman base, the town of Sinj, witnesses the force that Turkes used and bravery and faith of the locals to Virgin Mary. On the day of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary in 1715, a few hundred solders from Sinj managed to defend the town surrounded with thousands of Turks. The rational explanation of the event does not exist – Sinj truly received heavenly help from the merciful Holy Virgin – Our Lady of Sinj, which is celebrated every 15th of August. The famous knight tournament on horses called Sinjska Alka is a tribute and memory to those glorious days. Every year in August, the Alkars on horses storm with spears on the enemy symbolised by Alka (two concentric rings connected with three bars 120° apart, hanged on a rope 3.32 metres above the race track) trying to collect maximum number of points. Alka is a spectacle for tourists and pride, honour, prestige, and even spite for people who live there. The Cetina River spreads around the field of Sinj which covers an area of 60km² near the town of Sinj. After passing through the field, this 105 km long river enters the deep canyon through which it has been caarving its way for thousands of years. Near the village Zadvarje it is transformed into the waterfalls Velika and Mala Gubavica precipitating itself in a 60m deep abyss. After the waterfalls the beauty of the canyon becomes gentler. The canyon ends in the form of a mountain gate through which Cetina rushes to the sea, where the town of stone - Omiš was born.

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