Caving Modrič

The Modrič Cave is located next to village of the same name near the National Park Paklenica. The cave was discovered in the eighties of the last century and was closed...

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The Modrič Cave is located next to village with the same name near the National Park Paklenica. The cave was discovered in the eighties of the last century and was closed for visitors until 2004. Even today, the visit to the cave is not a typical tourist visit since there are no steps, paths or lighting inside. Therefore, it is necessary to wear overalls and a helmet with a carbide lamp to walk freely around the cave. Thus, equipped, we will take you through the halls, corridors and gaps of the 840 meters long cave filled with cave decorations, stalactites and stalagmites. Constant temperature in the cave is 15ºC.

Trip info

Distance from start to finish: 700 m

Temperature in the cave: 15°C

Swimming: You can take a swim in Zrmanja River.

Caving equipment: Helmet, suit and lamps.

Equipment & Staff: All equipment used is registered and certified at the EU. All customers must wear equipment provided by the organizer. All of our professional guides are registered at Croatian mountain rescue service. Staff members speak Croatian and English.

Fitness Level: A minimum to moderate level of fitness is required.

Previous experience: Not necessary.

Age: Minimum age is 12 years.

What to Bring: Footwear such as trainers, water and snacks.

Food and drinks: Not available during the caving trip.

Onsite Facilities: There are no toilet facilities available during the caving trip. Customers are advised to use the toilet facilities at their accommodation.

Special Conditions: The operator has the right to cancel tours, without notice at their discretion depending on the weather or river conditions. All safety instructions from Adventure Dalmatia’s staff must be adhered to.



Number of people per day: Minimum of 2; upon request.

Availability: During the whole year. This trip runs if there are 2 or more people. Email us regarding dates and tell us the number of people in your group. We will inform you about the dates available.

Starts from: Starigrad Paklenica

Caving tour departure times: Between 10 AM and 11 AM (or as agreed for each group)

Duration of the tour: 2.30h

Duration of the transfer: 1.15 min from Zadar, Biograd and Vodice (special days of the week)

Price: 35€ per person

The price includes: Entrance ticket, equipment, insurance and guide assistance

Price of transfer: Not included; upon request; 15€ bothways (Zadar - NP Paklenica)

Payment: Cash or bank payment.


Meeting point


In front of restaurant 'Bartol'. Address: Vrtlina 23, 23 243 Rovanjska

Meeting time upon agreement.



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