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Adventure Dalmatia delivers team building activities throughout Dalmatia. We offer a wide range of activities from the city of Zadar to Konavle valley.

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Adventure Dalmatia delivers team building activities throughout Dalmatia. We offer a wide range of activities from the city of Zadar to Konavle valley. Our team building events will get participants working together, having fun and achieving success. The challenges focus on planning, problem solving, creative thinking and sometimes on physical ability. We offer you a list of team building activities that can cater to your specific needs out of which you can choose costumized programs like James Bond 007 or Old Town Challenge or a mixture of team building games. If one of our predesigned team building programs/games is not what you are looking for, we can design a costum solution to suit your needs. When creating a program we offer a complete pre-event communication to discuss activities and logistics, coordination on event-day with professional leadreship and hosts; we take care for all materials and equipment as well as post-event awarding. Contact us with trust and we will create event to meet your needs.

Old town challenge

The goal of the Old Town Challenge race is to find the assigned locations, take a photo of yourself on these locations with a digital camera and arrive at the arranged finish line of the race. The winning team is the one that collects highest number of points. That is to say, the one that finds most sites and takes most photos in designated time limit. Locations are described with a riddle, which has to be solved in order to discover the location. The next step is finding the location (asking a bystander or passer-by etc.) and taking a photo. Old Town challenge always takes place in city historical core and can be organized in every Dalmatian city and on islands.

James Bond

For one day teams become secret agents with a mission to find the hidden bomb by fulfilling numerous tasks, solving puzzles and finding parts of a map with the final location to save the city and became his savior. There are several possible variants of this program.

Beach games

Our team sets up “stations” along the beachfront, each one featuring a different Team Building challenge – fun tasks that require co-ordination and a bit of ingenuity to figure out, but no specific physical ability or fitness level, making this activity perfect for all kinds of groups. Challenges include “spider’s web”, “lift the bucket” and other amusing games that will definitely elicit more than a few laughs. This would be a structured team building that all members would participate in at all times. The afternoon will end with a wine, beer and sodas at a beachfront location.

Village olympic games

These wild and crazy Olympic Games are perfect for active teens and adults or families, as well as the spectators! We will provide team officials to ensure the excitement and safety of each game. Our games are designed to motivate all participants and encourage teamwork and develop a sense of camaraderie. Olympic challenges include sawing wood, hammering the nails, throwing stone from the shoulder ("Kamena s ramena"), sack race, egg on spoon race...

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